Our Classes


The most relaxing hour of your day. Let our instructors slowly guide you through yoga postures and breathwork designed to rejuvenate and heal. Our instructors have witnessed the benefits of yoga and know that yoga is for everyone. Age, experience, size, shape, color, athletic ability, personality, reason for being there… all are welcome. Exhale is designed to allow an overworked body and mind find rest. You’ll incorporate movement and breath in a room with others searching for the same thing. To take on the world, you have to take time for yourself. All levels.

Flow with Power

This class is taught by instructors with a love for power yoga. You’ll sweat and strengthen through a more challenging yoga series. We recommend taking other classes on the schedule before attending Flow with Power. These classes are amazing AND require upper body awareness and strength (specific yoga techniques) to avoid injury. Yes, you can do it… we just want you to have the tools beforehand.

Flow for All

At Exhale we believe that yoga truly is for everyBODY. Flow for All is designed for all levels. Increase and renew your energy by linking breath with movement. This class focuses on proper alignment and action in flow while connecting breath with movement. The format is designed to challenge more experienced students to improve their alignment while also offering newer students alignment options for different body types and skill levels. Plan to learn bite- sized anatomy lessons, sweat, move, and then take time at the end for contemplation and meditation.

Flow to Yin

This class is a great way to balance the yin and the yang elements of our bodies. Flow to Yin starts with movement and breath, designed to warm up the body and center the mind, gradually flowing into slower, more passive Yin postures. Yin yoga consists of meditative postures that stretch, stimulate and heal deep connective tissue. These yin postures are generally held for 3-5 minutes, allowing the body to relax and release. This class is great for all levels.

Yin Restore

Yin Yoga is a more passive approach of practice that moves into stillness. Restorative Yoga is a gentle yoga practice that creates space and affords opportunity to release tension, tightness, and stress that builds up in the mind, body, and spirit. Yin Restore is a combination of both practices. The postures are held for longer times to facilitate deep release in the muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, and fascia. Yin works on clearing the channels to allow vital energy to move effective and efficiently. Restorative Yoga will help to keep your endocrine system in check and even boost your immune system. Yin Restore brings balances to our fast-paced life, and cultivates a peaceful state of Being.
All levels.

Dynamic Flow

This class moves dynamically through asanas (poses) while focusing on inner and outer alignment, body awareness and breath. You will move and breathe energetically, work on balance, build strength and gradually transition to the mat to stretch, twist and ultimately relax. This is a great class for anyone wanting to move and build strength but don’t want a power class. Class is suitable for students who have practiced yoga consistently for a few months.